Inner Sphere Mercenaries

Welcome to the world of Battletech!

Battletech universe is a vision of future of our civilization where humanity made a great deal in interstellar travel and colonization. The concept of Battletech Universe was created by sci-fi writers and the main
battle force in it is mech – huge bipedal or quadpedal war machines with enormous firepower.

Book series “BattleTech”, that was out in 90s soon became a bestseller and board variant of a game had also great success. In 1989 first computer game named Mechwarrior gave the fans a feel of
mech pilot.Later when multiplayer network was introduced many virtual units were created, which battled in the internet.

Russian Death Legion is the oldest unit in post-soviet area which battled in almost all existed Battletech leagues. It was founded in 1999 and is an acting unit now, survived “dark age” of Mechwarrior series freeze.

For more then 10 years of unit’s history the roster changed, but the spirit stays the same. Currently, after slack season Battletech universe is coming back. Now RDL pilots battle in Mechwarrior Online fields.

Legion recruits new pilots! Men and Women who can install MWO and Teamspeak can apply for cadet regiment.

Our TeamSpeak server is : 9987. Use to connect email